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Objectiver Training

Our training sessions are based on solid practical experience. We offer different packages from introductory courses to advanced technical seminars and workshops.

The whole Objectiver tool suite is covered. Main topics include:
  • Introduction to the Objectiver methodology
  • How to build requirements with Objectiver
  • The four models: goals, responsibilities, domain entities, operations
  • Description of a process for using Objectiver
  • Advanced use of Objectiver for safety critical systems
  • Using Objectiver in combination with UML
  • Case studies
General Introduction to Requirements Engineering :
  • What is a requirement
  • How to write good requirements
  • How to get the right information from interviews...
  • Key ideas underlying the goal-oriented methodologies
To your best convenience, training sessions can be held into your offices or in our premises.
Training sessions can last from 2 to 5 days.

To get more information about our training programs and availability, please contact our sales team.