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Objectiver's documentation

You will find here an exhautive list of our brochures concerning objectiver :


Objectiver is based on a goal-driven requirements methodology called KAOS....

KAOS Tutorial pdf (5.3 Mb)
This tutorial covers the KAOS method, concepts and modeling techniques for analysing project requirements.

Using Objectiver in combination with UML
Objectiver should be used to drive your work in the Unified Modeling Language.


Quality starts by defining your goals ! pdf (1067 Kb)
See how Objectiver eases the requirements engineering process.

Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering: from System Objectives to UML Models to Precise Software Specifications
pdf  (283 Kb)

Prof. Axel van Lamsweerde's presentation of the KAOS approach to requirements engineering.

The GRAIL Tool  pdf (1309 Kb)
A general presentation of GRAIL (Objectiver predecessor)

White papers

Sofware quality Starts with the Modelling of Goal-Oriented Requirements pdf (193 Kb)
This paper was presented at ICCSEA 2003.

Requirements Engineering with KAOS/GRAIL : From Goal Analysis to Autaomatically Derived Requirements Documents    pdf (156 Kb)
Paper presented at RE03.


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