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Belgian Ministry of Public Finances

Requirements Document for an ICT Technical Documentation Management System

The Belgian Ministry of Public Fiuances wanted to provide its ICT department with a doumentation system that allows all technical documentation (wikis, procedures, manuals, technical and organizational descriptions,...) to be managed in a unique system. The intent is to provide up to date information to users in a more effective and cheap way.
Objectiver has been used to elicit, formalize and document the requirements. The requirements document has been published in two equivalent editions: one in French and one in Dutch. 


  • The technical document is spread over different systems (wikis, intranet, etc.) and finding information is often an uneasy task for the technical staff
  • Creation of technical documentation and retrieval of technical information are too often considered as unrelated topics 
  • The documentation life cycle is not systematically and uniformly addressed

Service provided

  • Coaching of ICT  analysts to become acquainted with the method 
  • Assistance for the requirements model elaboration
  • Tool support for model linguistic translation 

Added Value

  • Strength of the method to define the exact scope of the project and to turn fuzzy intents into clear, testable requirements
  • Coaching avoiding that the analysts spend too much time to becomre acquainetd with the method and the tool
  • Model ready for reuse: clear separation between descriptions fully dedicated to the case and descriptions that could be reused from requirements documents to requirements documents
  • Tool support for model linguistic translation  allowing to export descriptions in one language and to import their translations while keeping consistency between the linguistic versions. 

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